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Hotel Chaplin

For the best memories start here.
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Being the best comes first.

Price Range
$ 895
~ 1800

Hotel Chaplin is a charming hotel on Östergatan in central Landskrona. 400 meters from the hotel, the pedestrian streets begin with all the nice shops, restaurants and cafes. Here you will also find the Theater, the Museum, the Art Gallery, the Sculpture Park, the Citadel, Blomstergatan, the Walk of Fame, Sweden’s oldest colonies and the sea. The bus stops 100 meters from the hotel from / to the train station.

The hotel was inaugurated in 1981 and is still run by the same family. Most of the hotel’s rooms and mini suites were newly renovated in 2015. The rooms are spread over three floors which areccessible by elevator. On all floors there is a sauna that is freely available to our guests. At the top under the rooftops is our conference department where we can offer conferences for 2-50 people.

Opening hours: see website

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Östergatan 108, 261 34 Landskrona, Sweden

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